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Musica Franklin and the Franklin County Jail

This is the fourth year that Mohawk Trail Concerts has been presenting individual instrumental soloists at the Franklin County Jail, and at a Greenfield after-school music program, Musica Franklin.

Mark Fraser, director of Mohawk Trail Concerts, entertains young music students at Oak Court, Greenfield Mass -  October 2016.

2019-20 Season of Franklin County Jail Performances:

October:  James Dargan, baritone

November:  Mark Fraser, cello

December:  Gloria Matlock, vocal, and Michael Nix, banjar

January:  Tracy Grammar and Jim Henry, singer/songwriters

February:  Al Miller, poet, with Mark Fraser, cello

March:  Kimaya Diggs, singer/songwriter

April:  Marko Packard, guitar

May:  Mary Fraser, old-time fiddle/vocal

The soloists, who have included cello, fiddle, violin, oboe, guitar and saxophone, play many short excerpts demonstrating the musical and interpretive range of their instruments.  As well, they share informally about , how they got started in music, what music means for them, and how they work in the music world.

The late Charles Neville answers questions at Leyden Woods, Greenfield, in December 2016.

Charles Neville at the Franklin County Jail, December 2016.

One inmate at the jail said:

"The Neville Brothers are American National Treasures.  

I couldn't believe it when I heard Charles Neville was coming to the Jail. 

It made my week.  I couldn't sleep last night!"

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